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What are the commonly used sensing heating equipment?

Traditional welding VS automatic high-frequency welding machine.


Due to the characteristics of large types and inconsistencies in automotive air -conditioning aluminum parts, this welding process is difficult to use stove -welding. At present, traditional welding processes, artificial flame welding. However, there are disadvantages such as high temperature, glare, smoke, noise, and strong work intensity.

At the same time, flame welding will also bring environmental pollution and serious safety hazards. Especially when the flame welding, the operator needs to have high skills. This technology relies heavily on talents and therefore bring a lot of safety problems. Because there are many disadvantages of flame welding, today, we introduced a new welding process ——Orior high -frequency welding machine.


The automatic high -frequency welding machine, on the surface, is a welding method that does not generate flames during the entire welding process. Therefore, free burn -free welding is a clean and safe welding method. Today we are talking about free -firing welding mainly refers to automatic high -frequency welding machines. Automatic high -frequency welding machine is one of the many ways of welding. It is not heating metal through heat radiation, but using the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the metal itself.

This heating method has the advantages of high energy utilization and rapid heating, and only uses electrical energy. Over the years, due to the limitations of equipment accuracy and control methods, the application of automatic high -frequency welding machines in aluminum welding is not ideal. But it did not appear until the emergence of Lihua's full digital induction heating equipment and the accumulation of aluminum alloy welding. We improved the accuracy of automatic high -frequency welding machines and changed the control of traditional induction heating power. Our full digital software control method combines high -precision heating power to make the induction of aluminum alloy welding into reality.