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Iron rod forging furnace

Medium frequency induction forging furnace is suitable for diathermy of copper rods, iron rods and aluminum rods of different shapes.
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  • Description

    ■ Medium frequency induction forging furnace is suitable for diathermy of copper rods, iron rods and aluminum rods of different shapes. The workpiece can be heated as a whole or locally.

    ■ The induction forging furnace consists of medium frequency induction generator and furnace body.

    ■ The working principle is to use an induction heater to preheat metals prior to deformation using a press or hammer. 

    ■ Wide output power range, from 35- 160 kW, choosing suitable power according to the diameter of the workpiece.

    ■ It can ensure the effect of diathermy when heating several bars at the same time.

    ■ Induction forging furnace adopts continuously heating. The induction coil internal loading is uniform to avoid the huge change of actual heating power generated by huge loading change. During the whole continuous heating process, the actual power of the equipment can be guaranteed to load the rated power more than 85%.

    ■ When heating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, the actual power of the induction forging furnace can also reach more than 85% of the maximum power by reasonably designing the induction coil and capacitance.

    ■ Compared with SCR power supply, it is not only small in size, easy to maintain, but also can save electricity 15-20%.

  • Parameters

    ModelFrequencyOutput powerSteel / iron to 1050 °CCopper to 700 °CSize of the workpiece
    LHDZ-351- 20 kHz35 kW1.25 kg/min1.75 kg/minØ12-30 mm bar
    LHDZ-451- 20 kHz45 kW1.67 kg/min2.33 kg/min
    LHDZ-701- 20 kHz70 kW2.5 kg/min3.5 kg/minØ15-50mm bar
    LHDZ-901- 20 kHz90 kW3.33 kg/min4.67 kg/min
    LHDZ-1101- 20 kHz110 kW4.17 kg/min5.8 kg/min
    LHDZ-1601- 20 kHz160 kW5.83 kg/min7.1 kg/minØ15-90mm bar
  • FAQ

    • Why choose LIHUA induction melting furnace?

      1.  Small in size and movable, it is convenient to use with any forging and rolling equipment and manipulators.
      2. It can be heated to the required temperature in a very short time, greatly reducing metal oxidation, saving materials and improving forging quality.
      3. It can work 24 hours a day, saving electricity, environmental protection and reducing costs.
      4. The furnace body can be easily replaced to meet the different requirements of overall heating or end heating.
      5. According to different application requirements, it can also be equipped with infrared thermometers, temperature controllers and automatic feeding devices.

    • Why use induction heating?

      ★ Improved process efficiency
      ★ Localized, constant and precise heating
      ★ Temperature control
      ★ Energy saving
      ★ Possibility of integration into production lines
      ★ Best quality and yield/performance
      ★ Pollution free, fast and secure technology
      ★ Improved working environment.

    • Are you a factory or trading company?

      We are a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment since 2005. Welcome to visit our factory anytime.

    • Do you have any equipment in stock?

      Yes, we have some standard models in stock, and can deliver immediately after payment.

    • How is your quality control?

      We have a professional team responsible for product testing and packaging before delivery. You can buy without hesitation.

    • If the machine get damaged, what can I do?

      Some spare parts are free of charge during the one-year warranty period. If you don't know how to repair, please take photos or record a video and send to us, our engineer will guide you to perform the repair. If still cannot solve the problem, we can send our engineers to your factory.

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