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Precision Hardware Brazing Machine

The high frequency induction brazing machine designed for precision hardware industry specially by our company equips with IGBT transistor high frequency power, automation program control operation, higher heating efficiency, safe and reliable, long service life, adopting infrared temperature measurement, automatic clamping and positioning, stable running, easy operation, saving energy and environmental protection. Our welding technology is widely used in home applicance, refrigeration, aviation, aerospace, communication, information, hardware and other industries, especially in brazing industry, our technology is in leading level.

The working efficiency of induction brazing is 30%~50% higher than flame brazing, high output of unit time. At the same time, the induction brazing can reduce the oxidation of metal surface, saving materials and cost. Especially for heating noble metal, for example, the metal consumption rate is about 0.5% in induction hot forming heating, but it is 1%-3% in flame furnace heating, that is to say, induction heating save 2% than flame heating.

  • Applicable to weld copper joint and pipe fitting, stainless steel joint and pipe fitting,end cap and valve, stainless steel and steel, copper and other accessories .
  • According to customer’s needs, we can develop semi-automation/full-automation brazing equipment.


  • Equip with large scale IGBT generator 30KW、60KW、80KW、100KW
  • Automation control:PLC program control automatically
  • Infrared temperature measurement 
  • High degree of automation, 24 hours continuously working, safe and reliable
  • Automatic blanking by manipulator, solved flame brazing problems, reduces labor intensity,improves productivity and quality.
  • This series equipment have 2 stations, sliding 3 stations, rotary 6 stations and 12 stations brazing machine
  • We designed U shape inductor for special-shaped workpieces, various types of inductor for stably welding.
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