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We are a professional enterprise engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and promoting automation welding equipment and auxiliary forming equipment, integrates a large number of domestic and international advanced software control system, welding technology and many years of production experience.

At present, arc argon welding or flame brazing is used for radiator welding in the market, but these two kinds of welding have many problems: The stress around the weld seam will be destroyed and the material lattice will be destroyed after argon arc welding, it will be easy to water leakage two years later.

Though flame brazing doesn’t have this problem, due to the large range of flame heating, it is difficult to eliminate a large number of oxide films and long heating time results in the influence of high temperature exhaust gas in the working environment.

In view of the above situation, our company developed a new high-frequency induction brazing machine, using local induction heating brazing, heating speed is fast, welding effect is good, labor intensity is low, workpiece oxidation surface is greatly reduced and easy to clean.

It is mainly used in induction heating brazing of large scale transistor in sanitary ware industry and automobile industry.

The machine has two types:

Automatic brazing machine and semi-automatic brazing machine.

Automatic brazing machine

  • In addition to manually feeding and blanking, the rest process are done by automatic control.
  • Equip with 25-40KW high frequency generator to achieve fast welding
  • The operation is simple and flexible.

Semi-automatic brazing machine

  • Manual feeding and blanking, manually control of mechanical valve clamping and loosening the workpiece, the rest process are automatic control welding .
  • Equip with 25-40KW high frequency generator
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