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LHY-160AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Heating speed, can make the workpiece to achieve the required temperature in a very short period of time, even within 1 second, so that the workpiece surface oxidation and decarburization are relatively slight, most of the workpieces are no need gas protection.

Induction heating does not require the heating for the whole workpiece, and can local heat selectively, so as to achieve the purpose of less energy consumption, and the workpiece deformation is not obvious.

After the heat treatment by induction heating, the workpiece has a thicker ductile zone under the hard surface, and has better internal stress, which makes the workpiece have higher breaking resistance.

The surface hardened layer can be adjusted by adjusting the working frequency and power of the equipment according to the needs. So that the Martensite structure of hardened layer is more fine, the hardness, strength and toughness are higher.

Heating equipment is easy to install in the production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, easy to manage. It can effectively reduce transportation, save manpower, improve production efficiency.

It can be operated manually or semi automatically and fully automatically. It can work continuously for a long time, which is beneficial to the use of equipment in the period of low power supply and preferential tariff period.

Electric energy utilization rate is high, environmental protection and energy saving, safe and reliable, working conditions are good, so our induction heating equipment is strongly advocated by the state.

Induction welding(Brazing, silver welding, copper welding)

Induction brazing is to place the metal workpiece in the induction coil, coat soldering powder on the welding parts, When the workpiece reaches the melting temperature of the solder, it can be brazed. LIHUA Induction brazing is the world's most clean welding method currently.

Induction heat treatment (Surface quenching,annealing,tempering)

Induction heating surface hardening is a kind of heat treatment process which uses electromagnetic induction, skin effect, eddy current , resistance heat and other laws to make rapid heating and rapid cooling on the workpiece surface.

Induction annealing is mainly used for the online annealing of refrigerator cooling pipes, online annealing and online galvanization of heat sink cooling pipes, and online solution annealing of stainless steel products:
  • Anneal various stainless steel industries: Such as stainless steel pots, and sink annealing, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cups, etc.
  • Anneal other kinds of metal: such as golf head, golf club, copper locks, hardware accessories, handle of knife, edge of knife, aluminum pot, aluminum barrel, aluminum radiator and various types of aluminum products.



Output current


oscillation frequency


Heating time

1-99s(Auto mode)

Input voltage

3- phase380V, 50HZ/60HZ

Loading rate


Cooling method

Water cooling


Host machine142KG

transformer 94KG

Cooling water flow



Host machine 




Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA lastest information
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