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LHG-06A(B) Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Adopts Siemens MOSFET and IGBT power unit, special converter technique to make machine working stably.

The adjusting of the heating and insulation process time can  improve the quality of heating and the repeatability of heating, and simplify the operation technology of workers.

Easy installation, after connect 3 phase 380V power supply, water inlet and outlet, the machine is ready to start to work.

Small occupying area, easy operation, output voltage is lower than 36V, no high voltage elecrtic shock danger.

No fire, more safely. The electromagnetic induction is produced by eddy current and heat to metal only.

The ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment has the function of constant current and power control, which greatly optimizes the metal heating process.

Ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment has 50% power saving compared with the traditional high frequency electronic tube heating equipment under the same conditions, No high frequency radiation, no high frequency interfering. Reduce the electrical load and electrical capacity increasing, with 100% full loading.

Ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment can work continuously for 24 hours.

Ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment, with automatic heating, heat preservation and cooling three time function settings, is conducive to improving the heating quality of ultra high frequency induction heating equipment, simplifying manual operation.
  • Wire industry: annealing of wire and thin belt.
  • Electronic industry: silver welding of fine wire, all kinds of electronic components and fine fittings.
  • Toy industry: Tempering of thin sheets of clockwork spring.
  • Welding and annealing of spectacle frame and fittings.
  • Welding of Jewelry watch and clock.
  • Welding of carbide saw blade tooth.
  • Welding of knife tools, quenching of knife edge.
  • Quenching & tempering of fine metal joint.
  • Silver welding of mini motor.



Output current


oscillation frequency


Output power


Input voltage

Single phase 220V, 50HZ/60HZ

Loading rate


Cooling method

Water cooling



Cooling water flow




Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA lastest information.
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