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Four-Way Valve Brazing Machine

The principle of induction brazing:

When the workpiece is being brazed, put the brazing parts of workpiece in the alternating magnetic field, the heating of this parts is produced by resistance heating generated by induction current.

In the conductor, the induction current intensity is proportional to the frequency of the alternating current. With the increase of the alternating current frequency, the induction current increases and the heating speed of the weldment becomes faster. According to this point, we usually use high frequency alternating current for induction heating.

And induction coil is an important device of induction brazing equipment, we can customize induction coil based on different shape.

  • It is suitable for welding of copper joint and pipe fittings, stainless steel joint and pipe fittings, end cap and valve , stainless steel and steel, copper parts and so on.
  • Mainly used in large scale transistor induction heating brazing in sanitary ware industry, automobile industry and instrument industry.


  • Equips with Large transistor high frequency induction heating generator: 10KW、15KW、20KW、40KW、80KW
  • Equips with cooling water circulation heat exchanger 4HP-12HP
  • Inductor can be adjusted to 3 directions
  • The worktable has three types: sliding type, rotary type and fixed type;
  • Controlling system: PLC program control automatically
  • Protection function: The equipment has protection functions up to 20 kinds , make the equipment more safe and reliable
  • Production capacity: High percent of pass, and stably running 
  • Good quality equipment and advanced technology
  • For small workpieces, there are single station, double station, three stations, rotary six stations, twelve stations and other special air conditioning valve brazing machine.
  • According to the requirement of customers, directional research and develop semi-automatic / fully automatic brazing equipment.
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