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What Is Induction Heating Quenching?

The heating method of the induction heating equipment is mainly made from the metal itself, and usually there is an induction coil on the induction heating equipment. The AC current produces a very intense and rapidly changing magnetic field through the coil in the space of the working coil. Today I will show you what the meaning of induction heating quenching is.

Induction heating quenching: the alternating current of a certain frequency in an induction coil causes the alternating magnetic field of the same frequency around the induction coil, and the workpiece in the magnetic field produces the same induction current as the induction coil. And the opposite direction is so called the eddy current; the eddy current is mainly concentrated in the workpiece due to the skin effect. On the surface, the workpiece is heated rapidly by the resistance heat generated by the eddy current to the quenching temperature. The surface of the workpiece is hardened by spraying water to the part, and the thickness of the hardened layer gets thinner with the increase of frequency. This is the induction heating quenching.

Induction heating quenching

Induction heating quenching is a kind of partial quenching method, obtaining a certain depth of hardened layer on the surface of the workpiece while the core of it remains non-quenched condition. When the surface is quenched, the surface of the workpiece is heated quickly, and the quenching temperature is quickly reached. The heat is not too late to pass to the core part of the workpiece and it has been cooled to achieve the effect of local quenching.

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