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The Use Index of Cooling Water for Induction Heating Equipment

Perhaps, when people use induction heating equipment for metal heat treatment, they often ignore the importance of cooling water, and mistakenly think that as long as the tap water is clean but in fact, it is not so. Today, we will introduce the cooling water of induction heating equipment. We should pay more attention to the indicators of cooling water when using induction heating equipment.

cooling water of induction heating equipment

1. Resistivity: If it is low, the leakage current to the earth wire and the cooling water that flows through the induction coil, water-cooled cable rubber tube and oscillating tube anode will be large.

2. PH value: From the perspective of anti-corrosion effect, a high PH value (weak alkalinity) is beneficial. When it’s greater than 7, CaCO3 increases, so the precipitated film has corrosion protection effect; if > 8, it will produce rust; if <6, it will corrode the brass.

3. Full hardness, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness: These values increase, resulting in increased wall adhesion, thus reducing the heat conductivity of the copper tube. When the temperature of the copper tube increases, scaling will be accelerated, so that the cross-section of the water and the water flow rate will be reduced.

4. Oxygen consumption: This value means the amount of microorganisms. A large number of microorganisms lead to a growth of algae in the tube, which will easily lead to pipe jams and damage the equipment. When this value is high, sterilization is necessary.

5. Chlorine ion: When this value is high, it will cause corrosion and destruction, dissolution of the copper pipe and rust on the iron pipe. If this value exceeds 50×10-6, it is necessary to refine the machine with a detachment device.

We should choose the cooling water carefully when using the induction heating equipment, and we should know various indexes of the cooling water, and achieve real-time detection and timely replacement.

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