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[The Automatic Brazing Equipment] the Qualified Rate is up to 99%

Brazing is one of the most sophisticated technology in today's high technology. It has been widely used in space, aviation, automobile, chemical, machinery, electronics, household appliances, military and civilian industries. Our company is focused on developing and manufacturing automatic brazing equipment for 19 years to solve the problems in the traditional welding process.

the Qualified Rate is up to 99%

In the traditional welding process, because most of them are manual welding, there are many problems, which require a high salary to employ a professional welding master to operate the welding. The welding process should be determined according to the mood of the welding master, and the quality is not guaranteed. Faced with problems in welding, recruiting, and the low rate of the quality, Lihua fully automatic brazing equipment can be solved for you.
the Qualified Rate is up to 99%
Lihua auto brazing equipment, we just need regular workers, and then they can do the job after technical training, it used to require two people, and now one person can complete the whole process of welding, and the qualification rate of product is as high as 99%.
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