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Lihua Teaches you how to Choose a Satisfactory Brazing Machine

With the development of science and technology, the brazing machine in the mechanical market is also multifarious. How to choose a more practical brazing machine?

There are manual and automatic brazing machines, the size of the manual brazing machine is large, a factory can only place one machine. The manual brazing machine needs more than two workers to operate, and the heating speed is relatively slow. If you are not careful, you may damage the welding parts at any time, and the power consumption is quite large and not environmentally friendly. Advantages: the price is relatively cheap. Disadvantages: not environmental protection, flame brazing may occur dangerous incidents at any time, the labor cost is large, the welding piece is not beautiful.
Lihua Teaches you how to Choose a Satisfactory Brazing Machine
Because of its samll size, the automatic brazing machine can be directly put on the factory's assembly line to cooperate with other equipments. The operation of automation makes the appearance of the welded parts smoother. The automatic brazing machine can be operated with only one worker, and the operation procedure is simple. The time of welding heating is 6~10 seconds. The heating speed is as fast as the bullet. It can work for 24 hours continuously, has the advantages of small consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, and it is safer and more reliable without  fury. The advantages: energy conservation, environmental protection, high productivity, stable work, fast heating, high welding quality, saving labor. The disadvantages: relative to manual brazing machine, its price is slightly higher.
Lihua Teaches you how to Choose a Satisfactory Brazing Machine
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