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Lihua High Frequency Gear Quenching Equipment, Preparation Before Operation

Our high frequency gear quenching equipment is needed to ensure the completion of installation and debugging before operation: before starting up, the first thing is to check the water, gas, whether electricity is connected, whether the quenching equipment is in good condition and whether there is a foreign body inside the machine and the workpiece; then installed the workpiece (adjusting the pipe length and pipe diameter as described before, adjust the products to be processed)

 high frequency gear quenching equipment

After installment of workpieces, start the water first and guarantee the smooth flow of water, then turn on the power switch and high frequency heating power supply (to automatic transmission); when the power indicator light, touch screen will automatically enter the system interface, click "enter" touch button and will enter the main menu interface, then can do the corresponding operation; long press "reset to zero" touch button, induction heating coil will automatically reset to the original position; input technical parameters which is needed for quenching according to design requirements; in the" automatic "mode, press" automatic start "button or touch" start "button, all the action will be in automatic operation in accordance with the set parameters.

The operation of the high frequency gear quenching equipment is as follows:
Manual feeding    long press "auto start" touch button or "start" button   start quenching   quenching completion induction heating coil reset to the origin point artificial blanking

 high frequency gear quenching equipment
The above description is a high gear quenching equipment for Lihua independent research and development process, if you have any objection, please contact our online customer service or call our national contact hotline, we will have professional technical staffs to provide you with a detailed answer
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