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High-frequency Quenching Equipment with Comprehensive Design

High-frequency quenching equipment,  it is to quench by induction heating. however, nowadays, the application of induction heating is no longer just an independent application of a power source itself, but is often the integration of mechanical and electrical equipment systems. Users require suppliers to provide complete sets of products that meet various process requirements. Based on this purpose, our company absorbs the advantages of many quenching machine tools at home and abroad, and develops all kinds of universal and special quenching machines to meet different needs of users.


With 18 years experience of specializing in the field of quenching, Lihua has a certain understanding of the market, and the field of induction quenching. Our high-frequency quenching equipment use our IGBT inverter power supply, which have a great quenching effect. With the simple operation, There is no need for a special quench master to go to the post.


For high-frequency quenching equipment, the most important thing is that the high power components will harden to the required surface hardness of the workpiece in a short time without any obvious heat dissipation. The hardening effect will be formed at the desired position. Induction quenching can save energy and reduce the degree of obvious deformation, thus reduce the cost of finishing. Our business mission is to strive for the revitalization of the national brand.
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