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High-frequency Heating Induction Equipment, Refuse pollution, Greet green Environmental Protection

As we all know, the traditional heat treatment process basically will produce burning waste gas, waste residue, waste water and so on. Waste gas contains a lot of harmful gas that will pollute the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide, which has caused great pollution to the environment. The earth on which mankind lives is bound to get in trouble. In the face of nature, human beings are always tiny. Once the nature is polluted seriously, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, the traditional heat treatment process is not only a big energy consumption, but also the key management to prevent environmental pollution.

high-frequency heating induction equipment

However, the high-frequency heating induction equipment is exactly the opposite. During the whole heat treatment process, the induction heating does not produce waste gas, waste water and waste residue. It will not pollute the environment and will improve the environment effectively, so the high frequency heating induction heating equipment has a greater advantage.

high-frequency heating induction equipment

Compared with the traditional heat treatment process, the induction heating process can save about 40% of the energy, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. According to the reduction of 1kg carbon dioxide emissions per 1kW·h power, a set of induction heat treatment production lines with 10 thousand tons of steel for annual heat treatment can be reduced to about 3 million kw·h than traditional heat treatment for energy saving, which is equivalent to reducing the emission of 3000t carbon dioxide.

high-frequency heating induction equipment

So, it is a wise option to adopt the high-frequency heating induction equipment for heat treating metals. The high-frequency heating induction process can improve the quality of steel, save energy and reduce the emissions. At the same time, Induction heating technology has also created more miracles and successful cases in the metal industry.

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