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[Automatic Gear Quenching Machine] Fully Automatic Numerical Control one step in Place

With the continuous development of science and technology and the changing of technology, induction heating device application today is more than just a stand-alone application of power itself. The automatic gear quenching machine of Lihua, not only uses the principle of induction heating, but also absorbs the advantages of many domestic and foreign gear quenching machine tools, according to the user's requirements, the equipment was upgraded, and the induction heating automatic quenching equipment was developed. The equipment has the PLC automatic control system with electromechanical integration to meet the requirement of the higher precision of gear quenching.

Fully Automatic Numerical Control one step in Place

Lihua has 19 years of experience in the field of induction and quenching and has a certain understanding of the market. Our automatic gear quenching machine has the following advantages:

  • Applicable to the induction hardening and tempering of various gear workpieces;
  • Adopt CNC system or PLC and frequency conversion speed control system to realize the location and scanning of workpieces, and realize full automatic production through PLC and power supply on-line;
  • The quenching effect is good, the operation is simple, there is no need for special quenching technology engineer to be on duty;
  • Customized semi-automatic high frequency quenching machine can be customized according to customers' requirements;
  • Dimension range of gear quenching workpiece: phi 20-300 mm, H: 10-600 mm.
Fully Automatic Numerical Control one step in Place
The automatic gear quenching machine made by our company has laid the foundation for the application of gear quenching. Each automatic gear quenching machine of Lihua is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure its high efficiency. In order to meet the needs of various workpieces of customers, Lihua provides a complete set of products to meet customer needs, and the national free consultation hotline: 400-800-3328.

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