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Automatic Brazing Machine should be more Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, automatic brazing machine has been used in various manufacturers such as home appliances, automobile, water heating, sanitary ware, medical equipment and weapon industry. It plays an important role in "made in China". With the development of the mechanical equipment industry, the enterprises should also pay attention to their own energy saving and environmental protection. The main energy-saving method for automatic brazing machine is as follow.
Automatic Brazing Machine should be more Environmentally Friendly
The heating temperature of the automatic brazing machine is especially uniform, the brazing speed is fast, the heating speed is 6 seconds, which reduces the time of the working process, improves the welding quality, controls the precision, effectively avoids the welding damage of the welder, and the product qualification rate is high. It adopts PLC control, which has functions such as automatic counting, automatic timing, heat control and process preparation. Only by hand, other processes are automatically soldering, testing, controlling, and lowering, which reduces the labor intensity, and saves a lot of labor costs for the enterprise. The device has multiple displaying functions such as current display, voltage display and time display, so that the working state is visualized. The automatic brazing machine combines the unique brazing technology and modern technology with 100 percent loading design, it can work continuously for 24 hours, which is efficient and energy-saving. According to his knowledge of the market for years, the conventional brazing machine has a large volume and usually a facility occupies a large space, and it is not easy to work with other equipments. Instead, the automatic brazing equipment is small, and it can be placed in the corner of the workshop assembly line, it is convenient to cooperate with other machines.

Automatic Brazing Machine should be more Environmentally Friendly

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